Summer Fun!

We had a great summer full of traveling, camping, boating, riding motos, reunions and just having fun being together. Marena is a senior and will be heading off to college soon. We needed to make the summer full of family fun.

We decided to splurge and buy a toyhauler (which is a camp trailer that also carries our 4 wheeler and motorcycles) and we had a great time and went camping quite a bit. We also got an older boat and had tons of fun with it. We went boating at Lake Lowell, Horsethief Reservoir and Anderson Ranch Reservoir.

Tubing Pics

Boating at Lake Lowell (July)

We talked Justin and Jayce into riding the tube with Marena. Mike told them he would go slow and that they wouldn't fall in the water. Well...the tube tipped over. When it was upside down, Jayce was hanging on for dear life. He was literally hanging because there was no way he was letting go of the handles. Marena told him to let go and she'd catch him. Later Jayce told Marena that she saved him! Needless to say they were never eager to ride the tube again. They were both content to just eat Cheetos and watch! And then Jayce would snooze.


Gus and Carolee Drake said...

Oh my heck, those pictures were funnier than 1134! My neck is sore just from looking at you guys flying off the tube! You take such great pictures.

Kenna said...

Oh How we miss you guys! I guess we know where we are spending Summer Vacay next know we pick our friends by the toys they have...hence the reason we are always crappy friends!!! I can't believe Marena will be going to college, it just can't be so! Life has sure changed from our MT days hasn't it!!! Love you guys and Miss ya TONS! Oh yeah and too bad we can't be friends since you're So SKINNY!!!

Jennifer Miller said...

looks like fun! or looks painful.

Daniel said...

oh my heck i am defiantly coming in the summer next time!! awesome!! good job updating too~! love it!!

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